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Programs being offered through the Westborough Community Education Department right now:
(Click the links below to go to each program)

Extended Day Program (EDP) - The Extended Day Program is a before and after school program operated by the Community Education Department. It is designed to meet the needs of parents and students in our Community. Click the Extended Day Program link to learn more.

Princeton Review Courses - Westborough Community Education Department has partnered with The Princeton Review to offer Westborough students and families customized preparation options for the SAT. For years, The Princeton Review  has made the highest quality test preparation available to the students of Westborough High School at a substantial savings. Click the Princeton Review link to learn more.

Drivers Education with Christo Driving School  - Drivers Education with Christo Driving School held at Westborough High School. Click the Christo Driving School link to learn more.

Private Music Instruction and Tutoring  - Private Music Instruction offered to students in grades 3-12 and Private Tutoring offered to students in grades 2-12. Click the Music and Tutoring Link to learn more.

Contact Information:

Community Education Administrative Staff

Office Number

Email Address
Maryellen FeeneyDirector508-836-7765 or 7766feeneym@westboroughk12.org
Nicole ReedDistrict Billing Coordinator508-836-7720 x5198reedn@westboroughk12.org
Dawn CarloAdministrative Assistant508-836-7765 or 7766carlod@westboroughk12.org
Brittany Martin Registration and Data Entry Coordinator508-836-7765 or 7766martinb@westboroughk12.org
 Brian BaconSummer Camp Coordinator508-836-7765 or 7766  baconb@westboroughk12.org

Community Education Extended Day Program (EDP) Contact Information
ProgramProgram NumberProgram Cell PhoneEmail Address
Armstrong EDP 508-425-9942 armstrongedp@gmail.com
Fales EDP508-836-7776508-425-1589 falesedp@gmail.com
Hastings EDP508-836-7756508-425-9943 hastingsedp@gmail.com
Mill Pond EDP508-836-7780 x2021 508-425-1591 millpondedp@gmail.com