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This project will be due Friday, May 14th.

This project will be worth approximately 1 test.


Political parties cover a wide range of ideas about what is right for our country.  You have been exposed to these many ideas and now you must begin to make sense of them.  It's time for you to create your own political party.


Step One:  Research various political parties.  See what ideas appeal to you.  The internet is a great place to do this. Go to this listing:

Political Parties Websites

Read some of the various ideas that already exist.  This project is also on line at my webpage.  (check out teacher lessons)


Step Two:  Every party has a PLATFORM.  A platform consists of stances on various issues that the party believes are most important for our country. 

Write the PLATFORM of your party: Either adapt parts of other party platforms or invent your own.  The purpose of your platform should be to best help the United States and our society. 

1. Choose at least five planks to make up your platform (ex.  economy, defense spending, the environment ). 

2. Write two paragraphs for each plank. 

A. The first paragraph should explain why this issue is an important one to the U.S.

 B. The second paragraph should fully explain your party's position (stance) on the issue and why your party's position on the issue is the "right" one for the country.


Step Three:  Write a works cited page that has at least a source from five other political parties that you have looked at.  This works cited should be alphabetized and done in the correct manner.


Step Four:  1. Using a computer draw program or drawing free hand, make up a symbol or character that represents what your party stands for.  Make sure that this is neatly done and in color.  I have included on this page some examples.  For others, go to Google/images and type: political party symbols. 

2. On the back of the page, write a good paragraph which describes how this figure represents your party.  Be sure to explain how what you have created SYMBOLIZES your party.  Make sure that the symbol is large enough to be shown during your presentation.   You will be graded according to your creativity, the symbolism of your design, and the neatness of your production


Step Five:  Class Presentation.  You will present to the class your party and the main ideas in it.  Be sure to explain why your platform will help the U.S.  The purpose of your presentation should be to convince the "voters" to vote for your party in the next election.  Include at least one visual in your presentation besides the symbol. (It could be a map, chart, table etc)




Political Party Project Rubric:


Cover 10 pts

  Name of party

  Heading in lower right corner

  Appropriate visuals


Party Platform 40 pts

  5 planks

  2 paragraphs each plank

  Paragraph 1---What is the plank, and

why the plank is important to U.S.

  Paragraph 2---what is your party's position

  Why is this the right position for the U.S.?



Political Party Symbol   20 pts

  Symbol/Character representing party

  Paragraph describing how it represents party

  Creativity, symbolism, neatness


Works Cited   10 pts

  5 sources

  Correct format



Presentation   20 pts

  Approximately 2 minutes

  Platform well explained

  Well presented and convincing

  Uses visual



For all your work, neatness and correct spelling/grammar will apply.  Please make sure that you check your work.  I encourage you to have someone proofread your work so that you can make corrections before you pass it in.


For every day that your project is late, you will lose one full grade.