The Kindergarten Connection

January 2014

 Happy New Year to all of our Kindergarten families.  Many thanks to all the parent volunteers that helped out during our busy December days.

In the month of January, we will wrap up our unit "Exploring with Friends in the Neighborhood" and begin to explore "the Wonder of Bears."  Our explorations will help distinguish between fiction and non-fiction in literature, as well as seasonal changes for many of our animal friends.

During the month of January we will review all the letters that were introduced so far, highlight new letters, and introduce new high frequency words (“heart words”).  Math lessons will continue our practice with number recognition, number values, counting sequences, and composing simple number stories.

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Important Dates

January 6th:  School resumes

January 7th:  Early release day for students

January 9th:  Kindergarten in Library with Community Helper- Fire Fighters

January 16th:  Kindergarten meets Community Helper- Chef

January 20th:  Monday, Martin Luther King Jr. Day - no school 


Kindergarten students will go outside for recess daily, weather permitting.  Please dress your child appropriately for the colder weather.  Children should be able to put on their coats independently.  Practice at home with this, including fastening buttons, snaps, zippers and putting on boots/gloves, is very helpful.  The children will need to wear all snow gear (including snow pants and boots) in order to play in the snow.

Please ensure that your child arrives at school by 8:40 a.m.  Morning announcements occur at 8:50 and, just prior to that, we are busy organizing our day.  Children rely on the morning routine for a smooth start to their day!

Wish List


white paper plates


foam hand soap

large ziploc freezer bags

hand sanitizer

brown paper bags

baby wipes

small paper cups