With the many challenges we currently face in public education come exciting opportunities for change. Changes that necessitate preparing students to possess the skills necessary to be productive and contributing members of a global society. In order to achieve this objective, our focused attention is aimed at providing a rigorous curriculum while maintaining high expectations for all students. In addition, consistent curriculum alignment and evaluation of the essential skills all students must master at each grade level remain a district priority. We are committed to continuous improvement in every decision that we make. I encourage you to become familiar with our website so that you are informed of the many programs, activities, news, and events taking place across the district. You will find additional information on each of the school web pages

We appreciate you interest in the Westborough Public Schools. If you have questions or concerns regarding any aspect of our school district, you are encouraged to contact the Superintendent of Schools. Inquiries will be addressed by appropriate personnel. 

Marianne O’Connor